Cucina napoletana


Neapolitan spirit

There are values ​​of Neapolitan culture whose importance perish in time. The Neapolitan character and values ​​still stay as the best legacy that can be passed from generation to generation. A heritage that is transmitted orally and has never been collected even in the best books.

Beyond hunger satisfaction and enjoying its flavors, the main objective of Neapolitan cuisine is the family reunion and table chat. To eat together and enjoy a good time with friends and family is purely a Neapolitan ritual that provides a unique environment to the Neapolitan gastronomy.


Inconditional Love

For Authentic Dishes

Keeping Familiar Recipes

Neapolitan families have saved in secret for hundreds of years their exclusive recipes to the rest of its neighbors. Maintain the exclusivity of family recipes has been the subject of obsession in Naples and have only transcended in its original form among their relatives and friends. Despite the secrecy Neapolitan cuisine has been in contact with the outside influences throughout history.

The continuous foreign invasions during the history of Naples greatly influenced the culture and Neapolitan cuisine. For example, the current food would not be the same if it wasn’t for the “Munzú”, French chefs who came to the ” Regno di Napoli” to satisfy the refined palates of the upper classes and helped consolidate the “cucina napoletana” during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.


Passion for

Traditional Flavors

From Vesuvius To The Table

Neapolitans unconditional love by products of their region, heavily influenced by the volcanic soil characteristic of Vesuvius, make Neapolitan cuisine still retains in its authenticity, sophistication and its traditional methods.

There is more than the famous stereotype of “Pizza e mandolina”

The standard of the Neapolitan cuisine is improvisation, freshness and innovation. Discover in BO di NAPOLI the Neapolitan spirit and its authentic flavors in the style of “la mamma” carried with contemporary sophistication and elegance.