A pizzeria in Eixample with Naples flavor

A pizzeria in Eixample with Naples flavor

Do you know pizza was created by fishermen? Originally, themselves made the dough and added products obtained in the long hours of fishing in the open sea. Thus was born and consolidated until today one of the dishes that collects more fans, both children and adults.

At restaurant Bo di Napoli’s gastronomic proposal pizzas could not miss the purest Neapolitan style, then, it is the basis of our cuisine and the foundation of our flavors. With authentic products Naples, our chef remains as indispensable element knead the dough well, take care of proper cooking time and the right humidity. Some professional resources together, of course, the essential movement of hands Neapolitan typical for the preparation of the dough.

With a space especially dedicated to pizzas and with a wood stove, we wait in the Eixample of Barcelona with our pizzas. Want to know more about them? Click here!

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